We’re entering the high season here at Working Bikes, with busy weekends scheduled from now through… our 25th Anniversary Party on 10/5/24? Our third container of the year left our International Headquarters here at 24th Place and Western just yesterday, March 19th, 2024, so we should have plenty of room to stretch out when we get together on Wednesday, April 3rd, for our April General Meeting at 6:30 PM. Please join us at the shop starting at 6 PM for food, drinks, and good company — please feel free to bring a dish, something to drink, and maybe a friend you’d like to bring into the WB fold two Wednesday’s from now. We’ll begin the General Meeting promptly at 6:30 PM and try to hit all the points on the agenda linked below and have everything wrapped up by 8:30 PM.

We didn’t have time to discuss the highlights from our 2023 Annual Report at our February Meeting, but we’ll remedy that in April. We may also be joined by our amazing friend Alejandro Manga Tinoco who studies the impact of bicycles and bike movements across the globe, has introduced Working Bikes to partners in Mexico, Chile, and Colombia, and is currently in Namibia (!) We’ll also be voting on a new slate of Board members, composed by our newly constituted Nominating Committee and approved by our Board at its March meeting, and going over our aspirations for 2024. And, of course, we’ll have reports from our Committees and work on our Strategic Plan. All are welcome! Please join us at the warehouse if you’re in town, or remotely if you’re not feeling well or can’t make it in person.

Zoom Meeting Link
February 2024 Annual Meeting, Draft Minutes
April 2024 General Meeting Agenda