After a slow start to the year and a deep freeze of Chicagoland, things are bustling again around Working Bikes. We’ve got a load underway for bike kitchens across Southern Mexico, a container to be loaded for Sierra Leone set to arrive on Tuesday, February 6th, and our Annual Meeting coming up on Wednesday, February 7th, at 6:30 PM. Please join us at the shop starting at 6 PM for food, drinks, and good company — please feel free to bring a dish, something to drink, and maybe a friend you’d like to bring into the WB fold next Wednesday. We’ll begin the Annual Meeting promtly at 6:30 PM and try to hit all the points on the agenda linked below and have everything wrapped up by 8:30 PM.

We’ll be joined in person by Sam Davis, lead of the Heartland Alliance READI Program that has helped keep our shop lively Monday through Thursday, 11-3, through most of 2023. We’ll also hear from Samuel Terán, one of the lead organizers of Foro Mundial de la Bicicleta 12, who is currently en route to Chicago in a semi rig and will be somewhere in between Chicago and Chiapas with a container of 500+ bikes from the WB basement come February 7th. We’ll also be voting on a new slate of Board members, Officers, and going over our accomplishments from 2023 and aspirations for 2024. And, of course, we’ll have reports from our Committees and work on our Strategic Plan. All are welcome! Please join us at the warehouse if you’re in town, or remotely if you’re not feeling well or can’t make it in person.

Zoom Meeting Link
December 2023 General Meeting, Draft Minutes
February 2024 Annual Meeting Agenda