SINCE ITS FOUNDING in 1999, Working Bikes has donated over 100,000 bicycles to international partners. Data for some of these shipments is listed below. To help out at our next shipping party register on our volunteer page.
June 27th, 2024UgandaAbercrombie and Kent Philanthropy54047268
June 21st, 2024AlbaniaAbsolute Bikes Tirana603323280
June 5th, 2024MexicoCIDHPDA52052
June 5th, 2024MalawiAfricycle56847593
May 22nd, 2024GhanaVillage Bicycle Project546429117
May 9th, 2024ZambiaAbercrombie & Kent Philanthropy54447569
April 25th, 2024El SalvadorCESTA54148754
April 15th, 2024MexicoCIDHPDA682543
March 19th, 2024MalawiAfricycle4984980
February 8th, 2024Sierra LeoneVillage Bicycle Project548418130
February 2nd, 2024MexicoForo Mundial de la Bicicleta 125475470
December 30th, 2023MexicoCIDHPDA503515
December 15th, 2023El SalvadorCESTA541541
November 30th, 2023UgandaCycles for Farmers548400148
November 3rd, 2023LesothoBikes for Lesotho5185180
October 28th, 2023GhanaVillage Bicycle Project555445110
September 29th, 2023MalawiAfricycle54245785
September 12th, 2023TanzaniaAbercrombie & Kent Philanthropy51643977
August 17th, 2023MalawiAfricycle51545065
August 6th, 2023UgandaAbercrombie & Kent Philanthropy50546342
July 21st, 2023El SalvadorCESTA590438152
July 5th, 2023UgandaCycles for Farmers595456139
June 8th, 2023ZambiaAbercrombie & Kent Philanthropy50542778
May 23rd, 2023UgandaAbercrombie & Kent Philanthropy4044040
May 18th, 2023Sierra LeoneVillage Bicycle Project474349125
April 29th, 2023El SalvadorCESTA43639244
April 15th, 2023LesothoBikes for Lesotho (Maseru shop)43136962
March 16th, 2023Costa RicaMiBici of FINCA529271258
March 3rd, 2023El SalvadorCESTA42139526
January 20th, 2023Sierra LeoneVillage Bicycle Project46536897
December 21, 2022MalawiAfricycle44838266
November 26, 2022GhanaVillage Bicycle Project42235864
November 17, 2022ZambiaAbercrombie & Kent Philanthropy4094090
October 18, 2022El SalvadorCESTA46539273
September 27, 2022MalawiAfricycle41540015
September 17, 2022Sierra LeoneVillage Bicycle Project482364118
September 10, 2022El SalvadorCESTA43739443
August 22, 2022MadagascarTransaid41436054
August 5, 2022MalawiAfricycle39838810
July 21, 2022ZambiaAbercrombie & Kent Philanthropy46037783
July 5, 2022El SalvadorCESTA467357109
June 12, 2022TanzaniaAbercrombie & Kent Philanthropy 48339093
May 17th, 2022Sierra LeoneVillage Bicycle Project44337469
May 5th, 2022El SalvadorCESTA45541342
April 9th, 2022UgandaCycles for Farmers46737295
February 4th, 2022MalawiAfricycle476365111
December 16th, 2021El SalvadorCESTA47139873
November 20th, 2021Sierra LeoneVillage Bicycle Project422254188
October 22nd, 2021El SalvadorCESTA479375104
October 7th, 2021UgandaBwinidi Bike Shop, Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy470354116
September 30th, 2021Sierra LeoneVillage Bicycle Project511362149
September 10th, 2021MalawiAfricycle48440381
August 30th, 2021El SalvadorCESTA41433579
August 20th, 2021ZambiaChipego Bike Shop, Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy450342108
June 24th, 2021MalawiAfricycle463333130
June 3rd, 2021MadagascarTransaid464331133
May 22nd, 2021Sierra LeoneVillage Bicycle Project413310103
May 3rd, 2021El SalvadorCESTA4314229
April 13th, 2021MalawiAfricycle42237448
February 26th, 2021Sierra LeoneVillage Bicycle Project423423
January 16th, 2021El SalvadorCESTA41537045
December 5th, 2020ZambiaChipego Bike Shop, Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy45041238
November 6th, 2020El SalvadorCESTA476370106
October 23th, 2020Sierra LeoneVillage Bicycle Project45339063
October 10th, 2020MalawiAfricycle43035773
September 4th, 2020Sierra LeoneVillage Bicycle Projcet43139239
August 17th, 2020MalawiAfricycle38436123
August 7th, 2020El SalvadorCESTA42035565
July 24th, 2020UgandaBwinidi Bike Shop, Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy482354128
June 28th, 2020ZambiaChipego Bike Shop, Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy494305189
May 24, 2020Sierra LeoneVillage Bicycle Project4203191014285
February, 22, 2020MalawiAfricycle40835949
December 21, 2019ZambiaAbercrombie & Kent Philanthropy, Mfuwe Shop537321216
December 20, 2019BelizeTri Town Ministries116116
December 5, 2019Sierra LeoneVillage Bicycle Project43941920
November 16, 2019El SalvadorCESTA44037367
November 2, 2019JordanJordan Bicycle Enterprise/Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy42740423
October 9, 2019MalawiAfricycle46140160
September 26, 2019GhanaVillage Bicycle Project46039862
September 12, 2019LesothoBikes for Lesotho529265264
August 17, 2019UgandaBwindi Bike Project,49731518230
January 1, 1970Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy
July 27, 2019ZambiaChipego Bike Shop, Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy54131023136
July 10, 2019Franschhoek, South AfricaAbercrombie & Kent Philanthrophy58429329114
June 22, 2019TanzaniaAbercrombie & Kent Philanthropy576
June 5, 2019MalawiAfricycle44138061
May 4, 2019El SalvadorCESTA472
April 25, 2019GhanaVillage Bicycle Project457
March 30, 2019MalawiAfricycle470
March 9, 2019EgyptAbercrombie & Kent Philanthropy49526023540
January 16, 2019BotswanaDipetsana Women’s Bike Shop, Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy4293785135
December 5, 2018ZambiaChipego Bike Shop, Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy440
November 8, 2018LesothoBikes for Lesotho587
October 25, 2018El SalvadorCESTA451
October 17, 2018GhanaVillage Bicycle Project481
September 20, 2018HondurasNuestros Hermanos Pequenos30
September 13, 2018FijiMinistry of Youth and Sports438
August 22, 2018GhanaVillage Bicycle Project49043951
July 28, 2018MalawiAfricycle510
June 28, 2018GuatemalaBici-Tec501
June 6, 2018ZambiaMfuwe Bike Project, Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy4633471163250
May 16, 2018MalawiAfricycle5134179617
April 26, 2018JordanAbercrombie & Kent Philanthropy491
April 18, 2018GhanaVillage Bicycle Project5163651611240
January 31, 2018El SalvadorCESTA509256253
December 14, 2017MalawiAfricycle457
November 16, 2017Dominican RepublicKnights of Columbus (co-shipment)48
November 15, 2017GhanaVillage Bicycle Project502344158
November 8, 2017ZambiaNakatindi47746017
October 18, 2017LesothoBikes for Lesotho510
September 27, 2017BotswanaDipetsana Women's Bike Shop, Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy527320207
August 31, 2017MalawiAfricycle482
July 18, 2017ZambiaMfuwe Bike Project, Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy4344201427
June 28, 2017UgandaBwindi Bike Project428
May 31, 2017Sierra LeoneVillage Bicycle Project432
May 13, 2017ZambiaAbercrombie & Kent Philanthropy440
April 26, 2017UgandaAbercrombie & Kent Philanthropy421
March 16, 2017LesothoBikes for Lesotho639
March 8, 2017JordanAbercrombie & Kent Philanthropy412
January 21, 2017MalawiAfricycle481
November 30, 2016LesothoBikes for Lesotho403
November 16, 2016El SalvadorCESTA428
November 4, 2016TanzaniaAbercrombie & Kent Philanthropy363
October 27, 2016ZambiaChipego Bike Shop, Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy417
October 19, 2016LesothoBikes for Lesotho576144432
September 8, 2016MalawiAfricycle421
August 17, 2016El SalvadorCESTA420
July 9, 2016ZambiaAbercrombie & Kent Philanthropy4443974753
June 30, 2016GhanaVillage Bicycle Project408
May 25, 2016MalawiAfricycle4272731
May 16, 2016BotswanaAbercrombie & Kent Philanthropy476
May 4, 2016El SalvadorCESTA491
April 28, 2016BotswanaAbercrombie & Kent Philanthropy429379508333
March 30, 2016ZambiaAbercrombie & Kent Philanthropy4283794947111
February 19, 2016El SalvadorCESTA3943405453197
December 1, 2015GhanaVillage Bicycle Project402367352744
November 18, 2015LesothoBikes for Lesotho4982753
October 31, 2015NicaraguaANNV40829611210050
October 3, 2015PanamaGoodwill Panama4564488339
September 16, 2015GhanaVillage Bicycle Project417
August 11, 2015El SalvadorCESTA476284192
August 5, 2015ZambiaWheels of Change4232740
July 1, 2015El SalvadorCESTA4351093261363
June 21, 2015El SalvadorCESTA523269
January 1, 1970*Bikes collected & shipped together with our St. Louis partner St. Louis Bicycle Works
June 3, 2015MadagascarTransaid/Lalana415325906090
May 1, 2015ZambiaWheels of Change320
April 15, 2015El SalvadorCESTA473351122
April 1, 2015GhanaAbility Bikes478301177
December 17, 2014GhanaVillage Bicycle Project461
December 10, 2014El SalvadorCESTA429
December 6, 2014GhanaVillage Bicycle Project583
January 1, 1970*Bikes collected & shipped together with our St. Louis partner St. Louis Bicycle Works
November 15, 2014GhanaVillage Bicycle Project368
January 1, 1970*Bikes collected & shipped together with our Champaign-Urbana partner The Bike Project
October 15, 2014El SalvadorCESTA444
October 1, 2014LesothoBikes for Lesotho687
September 4, 2014El SalvadorCESTA495
August 27, 2014El SalvadorFUSAL476
June 25, 2014GhanaVillage Bicycle Project481
May 28, 2014PanamaGoodwill Panama5392552844793
May 6, 2014GhanaAbility Bikes424994751
April 16, 2014El SalvadorCESTA413
January 1, 1970*Bikes collected & shipped together with our Urbana-Champaign partner The Bike Project
April 10, 2014El SalvadorCESTA488
December 4, 2013GhanaVillage Bicycle Project505
November 1, 2013LesothoLesotho Cycling Association687
October 1, 2013NOLAPlan B181
September 26, 2013NicaraguaANNV500
August 22, 2013Sierra LeoneVillage Bicycle Project517
July 24, 2013Sierra LeoneVillage Bicycle Project502
July 23, 2013MalawiChildren of Abraham27
July 2, 2013El SalvadorCESTA466397699
May 29, 2013GhanaVillage Bicycle Project4803651153147
May 1, 2013South AfricaBEN41140656543
March 23, 2013El SalvadorCESTA4923591333931
March 2, 2013GhanaAbility Bikes385300851733
December 12, 2012PanamaGoodwill Panama4393776157143
November 15, 2012Costa RicaFINCA527362165104
October 17, 2012KenyaWheels of Africa54229624693
September 26, 2012UgandaPrisoner Support Organization456
September 5, 2012El SalvadorCESTA45536887
August 22, 2012New OrleansCommunity Bike Project450
July 25, 2012El SalvadorCESTA453376772937
June 23, 2012GhanaVillage Bicycle Project47236710543
June 6, 2012GhanaAbility Bikes4773381393753
May 23, 2012South AfricaBEN49638810833
May 2, 2012El SalvadorCESTA51237913327
April 7, 2012UgandaPrisoner Support Organization427317110
February 11, 2012GhanaVillage Bicycle Project43536471
January 4, 2012NigeriaShare Your Soles30
December 7, 2011South AfricaBEN457376814557
December 1, 2011UgandaPrisoner Support Organization355254101
October 26, 2011AngolaAssociacao Nacional de Apoio no Ensino e Instrucao de Menores413344695373
September 21, 2011NamibiaBEN428384445757
September 14, 2011GhanaAbility Bikes45037674103125
September 7, 2011El SalvadorCESTA4413271146281
August 12, 2011PanamaGoodwill Panama5442313133147
July 13, 2011El SalvadorSAHF45234310953
July 1, 2011UgandaPrisoner Support Organization402
May 19, 2011UgandaPrisoner Support Organization20