Our Cycle of Power and Cycle of Peace programs provide individuals with a repaired bicycle, helmet, lock, and set of lights. These programs operate within the Chicagoland area. Below are the guidelines for eligibility and the application process. Please contact [email protected] with any additional questions.


An eligible bike donation candidate:

• Is inhibited from buying a bike due to low income or other situational barriers.

• Has a need for a bike; needs include general transportation or recreation/physical activity.

How to Apply

If this is your first time requesting a bike, please contact us by phone or email before submitting a referral.

• An applicant must submit a referral form from a social worker, case manager, or representative.

• Once the application is turned in, they will be put on a waitlist. It can take a month or more for an applicant to receive a bike depending on how many people currently are on the list.

• Working Bikes requests a $20 copay to offset the costs of the program; the copay is frequently paid by the partner organization or waived.

• Applicant or their caseworker/referrer has three weeks from the date Working Bikes contacts them to pick up a bike. If not, the applicant will lose their place on the waitlist and have to go through the referral process again.

• Typically the applicant comes to Working Bikes’ shop at 2434 S. Western Avenue in Chicago during its open hours. Occasionally Working Bikes delivers the bikes to the partner organization if they are requesting more than one bicycle.