In April, Working Bikes staff members Cesar Meza, Brian Vargas, and veteran volunteer Waymond Smith attended the 6th Annual World Bike Forum in Mexico City, also known as Foro Mundial De La Bicicleta 6. Brian has shared a few words from his experience:

First and foremost, a huge thank you to all of the Working Bikes staff and volunteers whose hard work and dedication allow us to extend a helping hand to our friends abroad and here at home.

Foro Mundial De La Bicicleta 6 was a fantastic event that provided a place for pedestrians, motorists and cyclists alike to share ideas about cycling culture and its future around the world. We were fortunate to hear from so many great speakers about how we as people have a right & responsibility to reclaim the streets instead of investing more money into infrastructure for cars that in turn pollute our air.

It was truly heartwarming to learn about the impact bicycles had in countries dealing with harsh traffic and rough roads, leading them into a future with cleaner air, safer car and bike lanes, and healthier, more active people. A bicycle is a true tool of empowerment that brings its user nearly endless possibilities from simply getting to work to powering a concert with a few other people. It was a true honor to ride alongside hundreds of cyclists while riding on a twelve-person bike, courtesy of our friends at Bicicom from around the world, through the beautiful streets of Mexico City.

Cycling is changing the world in a very positive way, more and more organizations are now working to provide cyclists with free or low cost assistance in case of emergencies and even mechanical assistance. As programs like these continue to grow and expand, being a cyclist will definitely get easier and better.

– Brian Vargas