As of September 19, 2018, Maja Perez will be leaving Working Bikes and moving home to Bakersfield, California. In the last three years Maja has been instrumental in the creation of Working Bikes’ WTF! Night on Thursdays, as well as implementation and development of the Salesforce CRM software within Working Bikes acquisitions and volunteer programming.

“Without getting too much into the weeds, Maja’s work with Salesforce has allowed us to better catalog, communicate with, and serve those who collect and donate bikes. This alone makes our work more sustainable and efficient.”

Maja, along with Trian Alexander, also piloted Working Bikes’ format of two monthly newsletters, one focused at the entire community as well as another which is directed towards current volunteers.

Maja will truly be missed at Working Bikes, but her dedication as well as the systems she has created will long serve Working Bikes in example and deed.

During the transition in hiring a new Communications Manager Maja will work remotely. WTF! will still continue Thursday nights and will be hosted by our very own Mikela “Keke” Pinkney!