Working Bikes was as busy as ever last Saturday. Even with a slight hiccup on the arrival of our shipping container, we still worked arduously during the last weekend of July to pack a container and donate Cycle of Peace bikes.

Our in-house efforts packed 510 adult and kids’ bikes for Africycle’s project in Malawi. A special shout-out to Saint Sabina for coming on Saturday to join the shipping party, and to all our walk-in volunteers for another full container!

That same day we tabled at the Bughouse Square Debates, our After School Matters program presented a fix-a-flat workshop at The Plant’s Closed Loop Forum & Fest, and we donated locally to communities in South Shore, Englewood, and Austin.

Below is the tally for our Cycle of Peace, aka youth local donations:
55 – South Merrill Community Garden’s 2nd Annual Summer Block Club Party
14 – Think Outside Da Block Party in Englewood
12 – the Poetry Foundation’s Poetry Block Party at Austin Hall

The calculated grand total of bikes donated on Saturday, including internationally and locally, is 592! With the work of our volunteers, board and staff July 28 was marked a huge summer success!