Working Bikes is sending one of our staff mechanics train Ugandan women in bicycle mechanics. This is the first time we’ve sent something other than bikes overseas!

This is also a chance for us to get a better understanding of what happens to the bikes once we’ve sent them. We were given this opportunity from one of our amazing international partners, A&K Philanthropy (AKP).

AKP has set up bustling bicycle programs in Zambia and Botswana. The newest project we partnered with AKP to get off the ground is in Bwindi, Uganda at the foot of the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park near the Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp. When Phil, Working Bikes’ Board President, visited the AKP bike projects in September, he was surprised to see that the two containers WB had shipped to Bwindi had not yet developed into a full-fledged bicycle project yet. It turns out that there were some difficulties in bringing the bike mechanics instructor from Namibia to Uganda.
Thankfully, Working Bikes staff mechanic Patrick was available and up for the job!!
Patrick’s flight leaves today at 4:30 pm for the long trip to Entebbe and then on to Bwindi, Uganda. He is scheduled to return on Dec. 13 after training the new women mechanics.
We look forward to receiving his updates with photos while he’s there so stay tuned for updates!