The journey of a Working Bikes bike is a circuitous one. It moves from blissful joyrides with its first owner to years of basement cobwebs, from a bike drive on a sunny day to the back of a pick up truck blustering towards our shop, from a cramped container to years of happy riding with its new owner, halfway around the world from its first.

Our friend Flavio Pina wanted to find a new way to help people support these journeys, so he created the Good Container, an Instagram project that lets you “fill” a container by supporting it one piece at a time. Here’s how Flavio tells the story:
“I love bicycles. But I didn’t know how much I loved them until I read about Working Bikes. Working Bikes has helped more than 50,000 people get access to jobs, education, medical attention, and other resources in countries throughout Latin America and Africa. Thinking that was pretty awesome, I called them and offered to help. I didn’t know exactly how, but I wanted to collaborate with them and be a tiny part of what they were doing. I started thinking that probably more people would feel the same way and want to be part of such a great thing.

That’s the story behind The Good Container. Just like a bicycle, it’s a tool of empowerment. It allows people like you and me to make the world a little better, and the coolest part is we get to watch it happen.”

The Good Container is the first crowdfunding platform designed on Instagram. We think it’s pretty neat, and hope you do too!

Go to to watch a video and learn more. Follow @goodcontainer on Instagram to participate.