WORKING BIKES runs two local donation programs, known as Cycle of Power (adults) and Cycle of Peace (kids and youth). We partner with numerous organizations to donate repaired bicycles throughout Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. These organizations include veteran hospitals, health and human service agencies, transitional housing facilities, youth organizations, community centers, and schools.

In a typical year, Working Bikes donates between 800-1,000 bicycles to individuals through this program. In addition to a bicycle, adult local donation recipients receive a helmet, u-lock, and a set of lights. Recipients are encouraged to bring their bike to us within the first year if service is needed.

Working Bikes partners with a wide range of community groups and social service organizations in the Chicago area, including the Chicago Help Initiative, Latinos Progresando, St. Leonard’s Ministries, Thresholds, LPCS, Esperanza Health Centers, Mercy Housing, the VA, and many more.

Do you work with individuals or a community that could benefit from a bicycle? We are currently accepting applications for individual and group donations. Email us at [email protected] to learn more.

We also occasionally provide bikes for events and silent auctions.
Interested in requesting a bike for your upcoming event?
Contact [email protected].